I love how ham works from morning to night, from breakfast skillets to roast dinners. It is 100 percent keto friendly and has zero added sugars! My name is Mellissa Sevigny, and I use my culinary powers for good here at IBIH by creating delicious and satisfying low carb & keto recipes. These little muffins make a lovely breakfast dish, or if you have a busy life, make a load of them when you have time then freeze them for eating through the week. Ingredients: cream cheese, ham, dill pickle spears, scallions. Cover with foil. Hot Ham and Cheese Roll- Up with Dijon Butter Glaze | Peace Love and Low Carb. These taste just as good cold so would be great to take to work or pack in the kids’ lunchboxes. In this dish, you have layers of cheese and ham all wrapped up in a delicious cheesy keto pastry and it really is impressive so you could serve this with a fresh green salad for a dinner party main. If you don't like mayo, leave it off! Copyright 2020 - NBIP LLC; Operated by Nourishing Brands LLC | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer, Terms, & Conditions | Contact This is a one-pot dish which would be perfect for a mid-week meal as it only takes a few minutes to prepare. Or download the entire list by clicking on the green button below. Be careful not to touch the bone with the thermometer because it will give you a different temperature reading. For example, Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D. Eggs Benedict has been served in the best hotels for years, but now it is so easy to make your own so you can go up-market for breakfast at home. This quiche recipe has loads of flavor from the ham and cheeses and the smoked Gouda adds a special note to the taste. Louise has considerable research experience but enjoys creating products and articles that help move people just a little bit closer toward a healthy life they love. Instead of the ham, you could use sausage, turkey or pulled pork – the choice is yours! Whether you’re in need of a quick protein-rich lunch, like an Easy Deviled Ham Salad, or searching for a party-friendly platter, like Ham Chive Cream Cheese Canapes, this list showcases some great healthy and hearty ham options! This is a versatile keto recipe as the ham and egg cups can be made as simple or as complex as you like! These Keto Ham and Cheese Bites are only 1.5 net carb and great warm or cold! Chicken Cordon Bleu Soup | Peace Love and Low Carb. In a skillet, saute ham and onions in butter. The additions of liquid smoke & bacon is mine because I happen to like them. It can even be portable enough to put in lunchboxes for work. They have a slight tinge of green from the avocado and it also helps make the filling soft and creamy. Ham & Cheese Breakfast Casserole with Gluten Free Crust (Low Carb, Gluten Free) – IBIH. You can use onion, peppers, mushrooms or whatever you have. It was a big hit with my entire family. She attended Columbia University for her JD and practiced law at Debevoise & Plimpton before co-founding Louise's Foods, Paleo Living Magazine, Nourishing Brands, & CoBionic. Scroll down to find the best keto ham recipes we could dig up in the list below – we’ve even separated it by category to make it easier to browse! We recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing anything. Photo Credit: Michelle from Cavegirl Cuisine. Seek the advice of a medical professional for proper application of ANY material on this site to your specific situation. These are delicious and pack a real protein punch to keep you going all morning. In addition, no statement on this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and any product mentioned or described on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This Keto Glazed Ham is the perfect addition to your keto Thanksgiving table Imagine the low carb Thanksgiving spread: a juicy, buttery herbed turkey , cranberry pecan low carb stuffing , low carb green bean casserole , roasted butternut squash with sage , keto pumpkin pie , … Ingredients: deli ham, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, egg, almond flour, baking powder (optional). Gluten Free Keto. Spray a 2 1/2 quart casserole bowl or pan with non-stick spray. I usually serve the salad with crackers but I have also used it with lettuce wraps and hollowed-out cucumber pieces which turn it into finger-food for light summery lunches and is very popular with the kids. If you want to jazz this recipe up a bit you can serve different colored bell peppers, a selection of meats and add in some cucumber and celery sticks too. These are easy to eat, so they would be perfect if you are feeding kids. It works well in so many ways that I am often asked to bring some to parties and family meals. Ingredients: onion, butter, diced ham, cream cheese, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, Provolone cheese, chives. Ingredients: cauliflower flowerets, salt, diced ham, cream cheese, Greek yogurt, Parmesan cheese, green onions, ground black pepper, cheddar cheese. My husband even came back for seconds! After all, everyone loves ham and cream cheese, and teaming them with dill pickles adds a whole new dimension to the flavor. They also freeze really well so you can batch-cook at the weekend for breakfasts through the week. Baked Keto Ham Recipe with a Sugar-Free Glaze | Kasey Trenum Need a healthy leftover ham recipe that’s quick and easy? This dish can be so versatile as you can add in whatever leftovers you have in the fridge. And if someone didn’t like turkey, you might find it at Thanksgiving, too! It is quite easy to make and if you fixed extra sauce I think it might be good drizzled on any number of accompanying vegetables. So good you won't believe it! If you find the dough is too soft to handles, chill it in the refrigerator for around 30 minutes to firm it up. Sweet and savory options covered, you’ll be impressing your guests with these keto baked ham recipes for sure! Ingredients: egg, hollandaise sauce, ham steak or thin ham slices, butter, parsley, salt, pepper, paprika. Easy Low Carb Baked Ham with Cranberry Apricot Glaze, Keto Ham with a Sweet Butter Bourbon Glaze, Creamy Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Casserole, Low Carb Broccoli, Ham and Mozzarella Baked with Eggs, Low Carb Ham and Cauliflower Casserole au Gratin, Egg Muffin Breakfast – Keto Low-carb Cups, Hot Ham& Cheese Roll-Ups with Dijon Butter Glaze. I hope you enjoy this dish as much as we did! If you like your food with a bit of spice then you could add in some jalapenos, but I made this for the kids and they don’t do spice! Here is another really luxurious and decadent-looking keto ham recipe to serve up to friends and family! This dish can be made to go even further if you add in extra veggies like mushrooms or broccoli. In addition, no statement on this website has been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and any product mentioned or described on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Dig deeper →. There is something so special about watching a cheese-topped casserole slowly bubbling and browning in the oven and it makes you think of childhood comfort food! You can eat them as they are or turn them into pizza pockets by using pepperoni instead of ham and stirring some oregano into the dough. This must be one of the quickest soup recipes I have ever tried, but the end result was amazing! Kids love these, but remember to let them cool a bit first to avoid burning little tongues. When I think of holiday meals growing up, I always think of a big, spiral-cut ham. Served with the ham slices, these delicious eggs make a great keto-friendly lunch or even an appetizer for a dinner party. Ingredients: hard-boiled eggs, avocado puree or guacamole, mayonnaise, coconut vinegar, fine sea salt, bacon, scallions, dried chives (optional), ham. Ingredients: ham, cream cheese, chives, grape tomatoes. When I’m stuck for how to add protein to a dish, I often turn to ham to help me out! You can find her on Facebook or LinkedIn. I recommend using chicken broth as it sets off the flavors really well, but any broth would do. Add the steamed cauliflower rice and broccoli to a large bowl with the ham, 2 1/2 cups cheddar, egg, and spices. Jump to Recipe ↓ Print Recipe. https://sweetcsdesigns.com/easy-keto-ham-and-cheese-rolls-recipe Place ham in a baking dish with any vegetables or herbs (if preferred). But if you’re hamstrung for ham recipes, don’t despair! This is a bowl of goodness that will fill you with healthy ingredients and brighten up even the chilliest days. These ones have a wonderfully creamy filling, and the crunchy bacon adds contrast in texture and saltiness to the flavor. Two of the most popular recipes on this site are my Keto Sausage Egg and Cheese Bites and my Keto Pizza Bites. Here is another of my favorite one-pot wonders that is so easy to make and cuts down on the washing-up! 24 Low Carb Recipes for Leftover Ham. You can eat this with crackers, but it also works well with veggie wedges or celery sticks. Although the ham is not shown here, it can be used to increase the protein in this meal. Ingredients: diced ham, heavy cream, chicken broth, salt, garlic, cheddar cheese, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, cauliflower florets. This is just a quick overview of some of the steps involved in making the keto ham carbonara casserole. We’ve got keto ham recipes for soups, salads, casseroles and more that will make the most of your porky bounty! From Christmas to Easter, it was often on the table. Yum! If you can’t find collard greens, you can use kale or other cabbage instead. This Mom’s Menu is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. And cooking this in a slow cooker frees you up for all the other jobs you have to do. You can change the topping if you like – thinly sliced and diced red onion works well here. A few tips when making keto Crockpot ham: If you choose a boneless ham as I did, I suggest you slice the ham halfway down the middle to create pre-sliced ham so the glaze will get in between each slice. It is protein and flavor rich and is quite easy to put together. Keto Glazed Ham. Both provide the same crunchy texture and add fiber to your keto diet. This ham roll up Keto lunch recipe is something you can make your own. Just be a bit careful to taste the mixture before you add the salt as the ham can be salty enough, depending what type you use. How to get the results you want...easily! If you click or tap any of the links above, it will instantly take you to the recipe below. Ingredients: yellow onion, garlic, ghee or virgin coconut oil, zucchini, soft goats cheese, kale, chives, parsley, marinara sauce, sea salt or pink Himalayan salt, cracked black pepper, eggs, Parma ham, almond flour, extra virgin olive oil. Add in loads of veggies diced small for fussy eaters, or some breakfast sausage chopped through the mix for added protein. How to Make Keto Ham Salad. Here is another handy muffin recipe that will give you tasty muffins for keto breakfast or to enjoy as healthy snacks during the day. This casserole reminds me of the traditional breakfast we had as kids on a Sunday morning – scrambled eggs with ham! Well, I can’t have brown sugar anymore but I do use Just Like Sugar Brown and I have adjusted the recipe for low carb Minnesota State Fair ham loaf accordingly. Ingredients: eggs, deli ham, cheddar cheese, diced veggies (red bell peppers, red onion, and green onion). If you don’t live in the US, hot pockets are a bit like toasties, but without the bread! Steam the cauliflower and broccoli until cooked through and tender. The whole family enjoyed it and the crumb topping was declared a favorite! You will have a great meal with the ham hock and greens, but don’t throw away the cooking liquid as it makes a great base for soups! Required fields are marked *. Ingredients: broccoli florets, olive oil, sea salt, pepper, ham steak, heavy cream, chicken stock, sharp cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, garlic. If you are like me and have a problem with portion control, individual cups can make things a lot easier, especially if you are watching your weight. A couple of these is enough to see you through and can help with the notion of eating only when you are hungry. If you’re under the weather the herbs and spices in this soup may just help you feel better. If you purchase anything through a link on this website, you should assume that we have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that we will be paid in some way. NOTICE: The information contained or presented on this website is for educational purposes only. Ingredients: ham, cucumber, smoked salmon, coconut cream, green salad. You can also add in whatever other vegetables you have left over and you can also add in some arrowroot if you like your stew thicker. Pulse it a few time until it is coarse and crumbly. If you are adding extra chopped vegetables, this would be a great way to use up the leftover ones from the previous day. Here is a great idea for a tasty lunch or quick dinner when you don’t want to cook. But if you are short on time, it can really be a challenge. Here is another great ham recipe for canapés that are guaranteed to please! You will have loads to eat and plenty of leftovers to enjoy throughout the week. Green Eggs & Ham Benedict (Low Carb, Paleo) – Maria Mind Body Health. Bring the cauliflower to a boil and cook for 8-10 minutes until tender. Easy Ham and Cheese Recipes. Deviled eggs make a great keto appetizer or a quick snack for the whole family to enjoy, and if you remind the kids about Dr. Seuss they will be keen to try “green eggs and ham”! They have a lovely texture since all the layers are sandwiched together with the smooth coconut cream. Ingredients: eggs, baby bella mushrooms, red bell peppers, spinach, deli ham, coconut oil or ghee, salt, pepper. On mornings where time isn’t an issue you can make an omelette or steak and eggs. They are really easy to make and are portable too – a great idea for lunchboxes or to eat on the go when you are traveling. Ingredients: mozzarella cheese, almond flour, coconut flour, egg, Italian seasoning, ham, cheddar cheese, salt, pepper. Ingredients: eggs, cooked ham (Jamon de Bola), Queso de Bola (Edam cheese), red bell pepper, green bell pepper, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, salt, pepper, cayenne powder (optional). Ingredients: ghee or coconut oil, cremini mushrooms, garlic, thyme, pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, nutmeg, coconut vinegar, bone broth, coconut cream, riced cauliflower, baby spinach, nutritional yeast (optional), collagen peptides (optional). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These wraps are very adaptable as you can use whatever veggies you have and whatever deli meat you prefer. These eggs look so good that they would be great to serve for a St. Patrick’s Day party! Ingredients: eggs, ham or turkey (smoked turkey), scallions (optional). Other Items Needed. Skillet; Roasting Pan; Baked Keto Sugar Free Glazed Ham Recipe … Ingredients: eggs, bacon, mayonnaise, vinegar, avocado, fine sea salt, chives, thinly shaved ham. Your email address will not be published. Any diet, health, or nutritional program you undertake should be discussed with your doctor or other licensed medical professional. This is another recipe that is ideal to use up leftover ham after the holidays and is quite budget-friendly as you can use frozen cauliflower florets. Keto Ham Soup with Broccoli & Cheese (Hearty & Delicious) This hearty and delicious Keto Ham Soup recipe is chock full of broccoli and cheese for a cozy and comforting meal. Ingredients: diced ham, frozen broccoli, cream cheese, Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, garlic salt, onion powder, basil, smoked paprika, rosemary, thyme. Ingredients: zucchini, red bell pepper, avocado, parsley, romaine lettuce, deli ham, Paleo mayo, mustard. This little crustless quiche recipe has the perfect balance of meat and vegetables, making it super-tasty and perfect for breakfast, as a quick snack or with fresh salad leaves for lunch. Ham and Broccoli Casserole Ingredients: Broccoli florets- I used steamed broccoli, which par cooks your broccoli a bit before baking. Ingredients: ham, eggs, full-fat milk or cream, spring onion, bacon, cheese, various vegetables. Don’t you just love it when recipes are quick to prepare! This hearty and delicious Keto Ham Soup recipe is chock full of broccoli and cheese for a cozy and comforting meal. Cheese and broccoli are perfect partners in this rich and satisfying casserole and it is a great dish to help use up leftover ham after the holidays! Serve the bagels with cream cheese, sliced veggies, and keto ham salad. Photo Credit: Kyndra from Peace Love and Low Carb. If you or your family prefer your eggs set completely, you could scramble them first or hard boil them and chop them up.